Using Information in Human Resources

Aim of this Assignment

  1. Human resources (HR) professionals need to be able to present a viable and realistic case for improvement based on sound work-based research and an understanding of what is considered good practice.
  2. You will be developing skills in research to identify appropriate data sources to support an investigation into an area of HR practice and to present a business case for improvement.

Objectives of this Assignment

  1. Understand the research process and different research approaches.
  2. Be able to conduct a critical review of information sources in an area of HR/business practice and analyze the findings.
  3. Be able to draw meaningful conclusions and evaluate options for change.
  4. Know how to deliver clear, business-focused reports on an HR issue

Assignment Brief

Your CEO has asked each departmental head to undertake a critical review of their systems, processes, and practices as part of a major organizational change agenda. You have been asked to review an area of HR/business practice and present a business report to key stakeholders with recommendations for improving practice. To provide the basis for your report, you have been asked to conduct a critical review of information sources relevant to the area of practice.


  1. Introduction to Research
  2. Literature Review
  3. Critique of Literature Review
  4. Proposed Presentation of Findings
  5. Conclusion and Recommendations
  6. References and Bibliography
  7. Appendices required

To complete this assignment, review the classroom slides document.

Sample Paper Preview

Factors Influencing Retention of Employees in the Hotel Industry: A Case Study of Ritz Carlton

1.0  Introduction to Research

Retention of employees is a major contribution to the development and achievement of an organization’s goals, particularly in developing a competitive advantage. The hospitality industry is one of the sectors that highly depend on employee retention due to its impact on business operations. According to Ramlall (2004), the hotel industry has been experiencing challenges with retaining their workers over a long period in recent years. It is vital for hotels to retain their employees since they are familiar with the organization’s operations and the environment; therefore, it guarantees efficiency. Moreover, it saves time and resources that the organization would incur in recruiting and training new workers.

Ritz Carlton Hotel Company is among the best performing organizations in the hospitality industry. It operates luxury hotels worldwide having been established in 1983 with its headquarters in Maryland. The company operates luxury hotels and resorts in 30 countries across the major cities. The company also owns properties in its operating countries due to its remarkable performance in the hotel industry. With many years since its establishment, the company has been able to remain on the competitive edge across the countries. Employees are one of the integral parts that have contributed to the success of Ritz Carlton Hotel.

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