Comparing Construction Procurement Methods

Task Description

You will refer to the Office for Government Architect ‘Government as Smart Client’:Procurement Case Studies document and research relevant significant recent projects, and use them to inform your assessment task. You will be expected to demonstrate a critical understanding of the issues, formulate your own response and agenda. Out of your list you will then select 3 projects that use 3 different contractual methods. You will then write an essay that differentiates and appraises the 3 projects through your own lens and agenda. (The procurement Case Studies that you will refer to this essay, should be the project Case Studies listed in the OVGA ‘Government as Smart Client’ ( guidelines resources. You may investigate other Case Studies as part of your research, but these should not form the key Case Studies referenced.) Develop rich and varied references: web, online videos, books, journals, government websites etc. Produce a bibliography. Search for additional projects, research the parameters and background for how the projects were procured and delivered.

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