Assignment Overview

This is a group project where students will develop a sustainable tourism project at a destination level.

Overall aim

To enable students to demonstrate their ability to analyse and evaluate current and emerging trends to plan, integrate and promote sustainable projects in developing tourism.

Learning outcomes


Organization and methodology

This is a research based group assignment (group number tbc according to class size).


You are part of the Regional Strategic Planning Committee for sustainable tourism at a destination of your choice. A forum is coming up on sustainability issues and you are required to come up with a project that will either introduce or further develop sustainable tourism in the region. To do so you need to do the following:

Analyse the destination and identify the main concerns and think about how sustainability fits with the main business tourism drivers

Identify sustainable practices related to tourism already in place, and those you would like to target for change. E.g. Energy efficiency, waste reduction, water consumption, air quality, toxic materials, habitat preservation, adaptation to climate change, etc.

Once you have decided on the areas of focus to integrate as sustainable practices for tourism, prepare a written proposal for a sustainable tourism plan/project for the region.

You may consider some of the top sustainable tourist destinations ( to see how they apply sustainability and check the possibility of using some models in your example. Bear in mind the three dimensions (environmental, economic and cultural tourism development) of sustainability in your planning. i.e. how will your project contribute to these dimensions.

Based on the written report, prepare a presentation pitch 10 mins that promotes your value proposition to the committee.

(See Special instructions for additional guidelines)

Word count

Presentation part: N/A. Written report 2000 words (+/- 10%)

Resources available

Class Handouts, Moodle material, online library resources

Special instructions

Your written report must include the following:

Title Page

Signed Statement of work with names & student numbers clearly printed T.O.C. I.

I. Executive summary

II. Introduction/Background

III. An Analysis of the Current Situation

a. Market Analysis

b. Consumer Demand

c. Challenges and opportunities

IV. Main Project Objectives(SMART) (each objective must be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timely)

V. Proposed Sustainability Model/s

VI. Conclusion List of References (APA) used to produce the report

Review the file below for additional information.

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