Business Environment

Assignment Details

Task 1

You have been employed as a Business Development Manager by your selected organization in Myanmar. Your Board of Directors plans to expand the existing business by establishing a new business which is different from existing business type and size. In this situation, you are required to understand and evaluate:

  1. Strengths and weaknesses of establishing different types and sizes for your new business
  2. Appropriate legal structure with the proper size, scope, and key stakeholders linked to organizational objectives.

In addition, you need a critical analysis of the complexities of different types of business structures and the interrelationships of the different organizational function.

Task 2

With reference to task one, your BODs asked to organize business development team for analysing current business environmental factors which can be influenced to the newly established organization. Your team requires you to conduct both internal and external analysis to find out how those factors influence the decision-making process and business objectives.

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