Quality and Sustainability: Analysis and Application


Write a paper (1,250-1,500 words) that provides the following:

  • Identify or create a health care entity.
  • Provide an overall description of this entity without using the real name (i.e., location, size, profit or nonprofit, years in operation). Do not give the real name of any entity or person you are describing.
  • Using defined quality outcomes and/or patient safety measures, describe the health care entity’s successes and failures. Include identified criteria and data that demonstrate why this entity is successful and in what areas.
  • Using the quality outcomes data, identify a quality or safety area that nursing science can impact.
  • Describe the specific variables. Identify potential obstacles (such as economics or ethical issues) that may hinder the implementation of the quality or safety measure.
  • Identify those groups or leadership roles within the entity with whom you may need to collaborate.

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