IE 450 Industrial Facility Design

Course Description

The course aims to provide the knowledge and skills to design and evaluate an industrial facility capacity, space areas, and layout plan. It gives the design of subsystems of the plant such as material handling and storage system. Also, the course provides the techniques for computerized layout and location problem analysis.

Course Objectives

By the end of the course, each student should be able to:

  • Recognize the strategic planning concept for industrial facility and the design stages
  • Demonstrate the ability to apply basic knowledge of design techniques in analyzing and design of facility
  • Analyze product data to estimate production volume and develop product specifications
  • Design manufacturing process and calculate factory the capacity (machines, material, and labors).
  • Construct the facility departments and calculate their areas
  • Analyze and design material handling and storage system
  • Design facility layout plan
  • Recognize the techniques and types of computerized layout
  • Analyze location problems and site selection

Industrial Visit Reports [10 marks]

When you visit a factory, it is required to study the components related to industrial activities that take place during the production cycle as shown in figure (1) to produce goods and technical services.

To complete this assignment, review the IE 450 Industrial Facility Design document.

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