Using “CorrelationTaskData.sav” dataset on MOLE you are to analyse some results of a small-scale educational research study.

Context of the study

This fictional dataset contains the average GCSE examination scores (score) for a sample of twenty secondary school pupils. The pupils can be assumed to be a randomly selected sample from the population in one school. You are to investigate the relationship between the pupils’ GCSE scores and one of the following variables:

  • The average number of hours per week the pupil spent revising in the month before their exams (hours)
  • The results of an assessment measuring the anxiety of the pupil immediately prior to beginning the series of GCSE examinations (anxiety)
  • The pupil’s previous assessment result at the end of key stage 3, approximately two years prior to the GCSE examinations (KS3_score)

You may conduct correlation and/or regression analyses to describe the relationships between your chosen variables. The sophistication of the statistical analysis you choose to conduct is not what will be assessed. You should choose an approach which you feel is appropriate, that you can clearly explain and justify to the reader.

You should describe any assumptions you are making of the data, using graphs where appropriate to demonstrate your claims.

If you find evidence of a significant relationship between variables then you should describe your findings in relation to the context of the study, again with the aid of graphs where possible.

The main aim of this assignment is to allow you to produce some appropriate statistical output, interpret your results and justify your choices. Ensure that you cite suitable methods texts or similar prior research studies where possible.

Assessment Criteria

  • You should conduct an appropriate test to determine if there is evidence of a relationship between GCSE score and one of the other variables in the dataset.
  • You should explain any assumptions you make, providing graphs or other output to confirm that your choice of method is suitable for the given data.
  • You should explain the nature of any relationships found, using descriptive statistics or graphs where appropriate.
  • You should cite methods texts or other studies that have been conducted in education as justification for your choice of approach.

Word limit

  • There is no strict word limit for this section but I advise that the report should be between one and three pages in length.

Please note: If you wish to conduct a multiple regression analysis please confirm this with Jamal first as this is beyond the assessment requirements of this course.

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