To conclude the portfolio you should complete a piece of reflective writing on the use of quantitative methods in educational research. The word count is 1200 ±10% (so anything between 1080 and 1320 words).

You should use a range of literature (at least 5 sources) to explore and justify your views, this might include methods texts, educational or other research studies involving quantitative methods, or some of the sources we have used during EDU202 semester 2. You should also reflect on how your views on quantitative methods have changed (or not!) as a result of the course.

Key questions

  1. What do you believe to be the uses and limitations of quantitative research in education?
  2. How have your views changed (or not!) as a result of the EDU202 course?

Example structure

  • Introduction to your essay, explaining what this part of the portfolio is about
  • A brief definition or illustrative example of quantitative research methodologies in education, culture and childhood
  • Your beliefs on the uses and limitations of quantitative research in education
  • (Optional) Quantitative research methods in your own area of interest
    • You might include examples of other studies, methods used and/or your views on the appropriateness and effectiveness of those methods
  • Concluding statements, reflecting on the EDU202 semester 2 course, what you have learned and if your beliefs about quantitative methods have changed

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