Quality is regarded as a vital component of every organisation and will continue to remain important for improving organisational performance and achieving competitive advantage in a firm’s industry – be it a service organisation (e.g. healthcare; airlines; retail; tourism; financial services) or a manufacturing organisation (e.g. electronics ‘computer, TV, radio, phone’; heavy engineering; chemical; food products). 

In today’s service economy, there has been growing emphasis on the application of modern management techniques including quality management in the service industry to improve service performance and overall organisational performance.

Assuming that you are hired by a service organisation (e.g. healthcare, airlines, retail, tourism, financial services) as a quality management consultant to assist them in the service quality improvement process…

Your task is to prepare a Quality Management Report covering the following aspects:

(1) Identification of current practices, issues, and future trends of quality management in a service industry of your choice using various concepts and principles of quality management covered in the course. In addressing these aspects, you need to:
a) discuss definitions of quality in services
b) discuss a range of relevant approaches to quality management,
c) identify issues in their implementation
d) analyze the current and future trends by reviewing the relevant quality management literature.

(2) Examine the influence of quality management practices in improving customer satisfaction / service performance / organisational performance. In addressing this aspect, you need to:
a) discuss what is meant by customer satisfaction / service or organisational performance
b) explain which aspects of quality management practices are associated with these outcomes and why.

(3) Recommend what kind of initiatives the service organisation of your choice should take to successfully implement quality management practices for improving their performance.

Present your findings in the quality management report in a clear / logical / professional manner using acceptable format and submit it via SafeAssign on or before Wednesday 3:30 pm, week 11.

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