Introduction to Psychology

Assessment Descriptions


Each midterm will comprise 50 multiple choice questions that must be completed within a 60-minute time window. The questions will probe your understanding of basic terminology related to the topics covered in the assigned readings, how those concepts guide psychological research, and how those concepts may be applied to explain specific behaviours beyond the laboratory.

Midterm 1 will cover material in Units 01-04. Midterm 2 will cover material in Units 05-08. The questions will be similar in format to the items on the weekly self-assessment quizzes.


The purpose of the short essays is to give you an opportunity to demonstrate and synthesize your knowledge of how psychological science may be applied to everyday problems. The essay is to be based on the textbook and brief videos. Treat these two essay assignments as opportunities to practice writing concisely and accurately.

Final Exam

This course requires you to write a traditional sit-down final exam. Final exams are written on campus at the University of Guelph or at alternate locations for students at a distance. The final examination will comprise 80 multiple-choice questions. Among those questions will be 60 questions covering material assigned in weeks 9-12. The remaining 20 questions will review material assigned in the first 8 weeks of the course. All questions will be similar to those in the weekly self-assessment quizzes.

It is assumed that all DE students will be writing their final examination on campus at the University of Guelph. University of Guelph degree and associate diploma students must check WebAdvisor for their examination schedule. Open Learning program students must check the Open Learning Program Final Examination Schedule for their examination schedule.
If you are studying at a distance, you can request to write your final exam at an alternate location. It is recommended that you make arrangements as early as possible in the semester since changes cannot be guaranteed after the deadline. Exam schedules for off-campus exams will be emailed by Week 9 of the course. For more information, please visit Final Exams.

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