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Marketing mix consists of a combination of various variables of decision making that are adopted by a company to market its goods and services. The marketing team has a role to play after identifying the market and collecting the important information about it. They have the task of deciding on the most appropriate strategies and instruments to use to attain the customers’ needs and attain a competitive edge in the market. Therefore, it provides the firm with an optimum combination of all the ingredients of marketing and investment. The marketing mix is classified under four major marketing aspects that include product, price, place, and promotion (Martin, 2009). Product and promotion are among the most important elements of market mix since they define the target market of the business.

Product is a physical product or service for which a customer is willing to and ready to pay (Tapp & Spotswood, 2013). The product that Antz Inya Pantz Coffee Co. wishes to introduce into the market is the coffee infused soju. It is a new line of product consisting of new psychographic, demographic, and benefits segmentation. The firm intends to introduce the product to the Western countries claiming that it is a new method of tasting coffee. Moreover, the company claims that it is derived from the renowned soju, a clear spirit made in Korea. According to Constantinides (2006), product makes up the most important part of the marketing mix because it determines the functionality of the other three. The product will gain new markets in many western countries because Soju liquor has gained a significant popularity in United Kingdom, United States, and Australia. The use of Soju for the new product is key because of its ability to take on different flavors of other ingredients because of its alcoholic elements. Further, the product will be effective because it uses a substantial amount of Soju and coffee and takes only two weeks to infuse the flavors of coffee. Therefore, the product provided by Antz Inya Pantz Coffee Co is tangible and the consumers are ready to pay for it because it is outstanding and readily available. Another important and powerful component of the marketing mix, particularly for Antz Inya Pantz Coffee Co. is promotion. The colon sales activities of include exhibitions, publicity, demonstrations, and public relations. The marketing manager is the one who makes the decision regarding the level of expenditure on promotion (Singh, 2012). Additionally, activities of promotion are intended to operate as an addition in advertising, selling, and publicity elements. Promotion is essential in the marketing mix because it increases the sales force and enable the trader to represent the customers in an effective way and encourage them to purchase the coffee across different markets. Promotion consists of different combinations of marketing mix, which are adopted to attain the marketing objectives of a company. One of the most common forms of promotion in the marketing mix is advertising. The goal of advertising a product is to build and develop the product image in the market (Huang & Sarigöllü, 2014). This is because consumers are unaware of the new product in the market; hence, they need a form of presentation that will create positive image. Coffee infused soju is a unique brand of coffee that can gain a wide market among coffee drinkers in the western countries. The marketing team of Antz Inya Pantz Coffee Company should adopt advertising as the main method of promotion because it can be effective for the product (Naik, Raman, & Winer, 2005). This is because it reaches a wider number of people and creates a lasting memory for the consumers. Moreover, advertising is an essential tool for competition that maintains dynamism of a business. Engaging the coffee infused soju in the promotion mix facilitates good positioning of the product in the target market. Moreover, the production cost of the product is low; hence, adding the expenditure of promotion such as advertising will not greatly affect the pricing of the product.
Prompt Your email memo and attachments should be drafted in a Word document with the project charter, RACI chart, and Gantt charts included in an appendix. In your memo, you will describe background information about the project that you are working on, detail information about a specific project risk, and propose a recommended risk mitigation strategy to your leadership team. Your memo will make use of the following project scenario: Regatta University is a leader in both traditional education and career-path development, including in emerging fields. The university prides itself on staying on the leading edge of curriculum and degree programs, learning methodologies and instructional technologies, student services, and demonstrated student success. “The future is here and now,” the university’s president, Martha Yoon, likes to say. Regatta serves approximately 8,000 students at locations including the original campus in Augusta, Maine, and satellite campuses in Ventura, California; Dayton, Ohio; and Hilo, Hawaii. In a typical term, approximately 40% of Regatta’s students take courses at a distance through the university’s online education hub. Enrollment growth has been strong, increasing by 4 to 8% each year for the last decade. You are a key member of the information technology team at Regatta, with a core specialization in student services. You are responsible for providing user-friendly interfaces connecting to a flexible, powerful information structure. Now you have a new project—working with colleagues to create a student degree progress tool that students will use for accurate, instant information on their progress toward program and degree completion. As you may imagine, this tool is eagerly awaited by a variety of stakeholders, including Regatta academic advisors and the Office of Enrollment Management, as tracking and communicating student progress toward degree completion is vital for retention. “We need a tool that will be easy to use but also accurate. No misinformation!” your team manager says. Your memo will analyze and recommend mitigation strategies for one project risk. The risk you choose to focus on must come from the list of project risks in the provided Project Management Documents Excel worksheet. They are located in the tab titled Risk Matrix. risk mitigation examples in projects, types of risk mitigation, project risks and mitigation examples, risk mitigation plan examples, risk mitigation plan template, risk mitigation in software engineering, risk assessment memo sample, risk memo template, risk assessment plan template, risk mitigation plan template excel, risk analysis template excel, risk management plan example, risk management process in project management, project risks and mitigation examples, project risk management process, risk mitigation strategies in project management, how to write a risk management plan, risk management finance, risk management steps, what is risk management and why is it important, what is risk management in project management, risk management process, risk management in healthcare, risk management process in insurance,

Risk Management

Question Description Select a public health program that is working toward reducing a health disease such as diabetes, heart disease, HIV/AIDS, or asthma. Based on your selection, respond to the questions below. Explain  the historical need for the program, the theoretical background on  which the program is designed, the services offered (in brief), and the  significance of the program in a brief introduction.Describe  the disease and include data on current incidence, prevalence, and  mortality rates and projections for the next five years. Address  interventions and treatment options to change the status quo of this  epidemic. Present the data in a tabular or graphical form.Compare  and contrast how this disease is affecting different racial and ethnic  groups. On the basis of your calculations, what information can you  conclude?Identify the resources needed to treat this disease,  including facilities, equipment, pharmaceuticals, research, funding, and  healthcare professionals and estimate the resources needed over the  next five years. Explain the estimates. strategies to reduce health disparities, community approaches to addressing health disparities, importance of public health, public health pdf, what is the function of public health, history of public health,

Public Health

Assignment 1: Testing You have been asked to test the disaster recovery plan for a small business in your area. The company   has a backup plan that is well documented. Describe the  steps  you would use to test the plan to ensure that the backup plan  would  function in case of an actual emergency. Assignment 2: Project strategies As part of the disaster recovery planning at a medium-sized business,   you have been asked to develop a project plan to test the backups of   production systems.Develop an outline of the project plan for the testing. disaster recovery plan steps, sample disaster recovery plan information technology, disaster recovery plan checklist, disaster recovery plan template for small business, disaster recovery plan ppt, disaster recovery plan objectives, recommendations for disaster recovery plan, disaster recovery plan summary, disaster recovery planning software, disaster recovery strategy, disaster recovery planning in system analysis and design,

Disaster Recovery Planning

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