Creating Business Excellence & Marketing (SOE11112)

Assessment One

Prior reading

You should read the “Quality Scotland – Celebrating 25 Years of Excellence” document, watch Claire Ford, CEO of Quality Scotland video, have a sound appreciation of the Quality Scotland website and start to learn about the EFQM Excellence Model.

Report brief

Napier Consulting Partners have been appointed by Quality Scotland to help them with their goal to embed excellence and organisational sustainability across Scotland. You have been invited to act as a Business Consultant to work on the consultancy project outlined in this document. You will need to review the EFQM model in light of your understanding of ‘operational and SCM capability’ theory, principles and concepts and advise them on how best they can draw on this knowledge to further develop their offer to tourism businesses in Scotland. They have provided you with some context below, to demonstrate why they feel this is an important growth sector as well as the specific brief overleaf.


Tourism is acknowledged by the Scottish Government as being “Scotland’s most important industry” and the vision for 2020 is ‘to be a destination of first choice for a high quality, value for money and memorable customer experience, delivered by skilled and
passionate people.’

Latest figures indicate total overnight and day visitor expenditure in Scotland was around £8.9 billion in 2015 – this comprised of expenditure from overnight visitors of £4.9 billion and expenditure by day visitors of £3.9 billion. In 2015 Scotland attracted over 14.6
million visitors.

Spending by tourists in Scotland generates around £12 billion of economic activity in the wider Scottish supply chain and contributes around £6 billion to Scottish GDP (in basic prices). This represents about 5% of total Scottish GDP.

Employment in the tourism-related industries sector (as measured by the Scottish Government’s Tourism Growth Sector) in Scotland was 196,000 in 2014 – accounting for around 7.7% of employment in Scotland.

Extracts taken from ‘Tourism Scotland 2020’ (Accessed: 12/8/19)

Assignment brief

Please respond to the task below, drawing on relevant theory, concepts, and principles introduced between units 1 – 5:

How then, can Scotland’s tourism businesses ensure they consistently deliver excellence? If the Scottish Government vision for the tourism sector is to be achieved, then could the EFQM Business Excellence model provide a framework to support businesses to achieve this ambition as well as helping deliver their individual business results?

To help you to address the question above then:

  • Consider two organisations in the Scottish Tourism sector and through your own research, identify and capture the strengths and areas for improvements they have against the eight fundamental concepts described in the EFQM Business Excellence model.
  • Secondly, consider one of these organisations in more detail against the following two criterion parts from the EFQM Business Excellence model and consider the questions below:

Criterion 4 – Partnerships & Resources:

  • How well do they build sustainable relationships with their partners & suppliers?
  • Do they manage their buildings, equipment and resources in a sustainable way?
  • Is information and knowledge managed to support effective decision making?

Criterion 5 – Processes, Products and Services:

  • Have they defined the key processes required to deliver their strategy?
  • Do they develop new, innovative products and services?
  • Do they effectively manage their customer relationships?

You are encouraged to present a summary of key information in suitable figures and/or tables with critical discussion.

Finally, from the research you have conducted and the knowledge you have learned of the EFQM Business Excellence model, describe two recommendations Quality Scotland (QS) could adopt to encourage organisations to adopt the use of the EFQM Business Excellence Model in the Tourism sector in Scotland to create and sustain Business Excellence.

To complete this assignment, review the Creating Business Excellence & Marketing (SOE11112) document.

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