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For this assignment, we would like for you to consider the political fate of the former Soviet Republic of Livonia. It is 1992, and Livonia has just achieved its independence from the Soviet Union. Following last month’s dramatic negotiations, a new government has come to power. Its officials are committed to transforming Livonia into a democratic republic and to endowing the country with a vibrant market economy. However, before these changes can occur, the country must ratify a constitution specifying how Livonia’s new democracy will be organized.

After much struggle, a special panel of experts has decided in favor of a parliamentary system of government. The panel has also come up with two possible ways of structuring this parliamentary system, which can be found on page 3.

Your assignment: You are to write a paper supporting one (and only one!) of these two proposals. Your paper must:

  1. Clearly state the criteria by which you are evaluating the two systems.
  2. Contrast the strengths and weaknesses of both systems based on these criteria.
  3. Give one (and only one) suggested change for improving the proposal that you have chosen and justify why this change will improve the proposal.
  4. Explain what type of political party system is likely to develop from the option you selected, why this may be the case, and why you think this type of party system is preferable.
  5. Explain why the option you have chosen with the change you have made is the best one for Livonia.

The primary goal of the new system is to provide a means for the Livonians to preserve their fragile new democracy and to transform and revitalize their economy. Please be as clear as possible about how you think the two options will help or hurt this task.


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