Project Management Assignment

Task 1 (2500 words)

Discussion and Assessment Project Outcome

In your own words, and using evidence from the article/case study, discuss relevant aspects of the project plan used for this tramline project and identify the outcome criteria. Your write up should include detailed analysis of any areas or sections which highlight the most significant aspects – both positive and negative/good and bad perspectives. The analysis should clearly indicate and justify the strategic importance of each area discussed and why you think it had such a significant impact on the outcome of the project. Conclude by summarising if you think the project was successful, linking appropriate theory to the final outcome to justify your answer.


  • A case analysis is not a conceptual explanation or discussion so do not spend too much time on conceptual explanation; instead your focus should be on how the concepts are used to analyse the case events and reach evaluative judgments. It is not necessary to include a detailed history of the company involved.
  • Always draw on evidence from the case to support your analysis and conclusions. Using evidence without analysis will amount to describing what has happened in the case which is not needed in detail.
  • Write in sections, which identify the major elements of your analysis.
  • The case provided ends in 2013/14 and you should only answer the questions in terms of the information presented in the case up to this time. It is the analysis of the case which is important, not the date of the project.

Task 1 is based on your ability to analyse the case information provided. Only use information is contained in the case study. You should not use alternative sources of information on the company.

Task 2 (1500 words)

Critique and Reflection

You are a consultant for a major company and have been asked to review a major project of a similar size and scope from task 1. In your own words, using report format, compose a set of real life recommendations which can help reduce any problems and support the project to allow a successful outcome. The project can be an actual real project if you have access to it through your own workplace – if not – it can be theoretical or from an internet source. Recommendations must be defended from both a practical and theoretical perspective, whereby, reflect/critique/assess on the attributes of the project management techniques (both good and bad) from TASK 1 an be discussed as a comparison .

Task 2 is based on your ability to critique and reflect on your learning from task1. You may use whatever sources are most relevant for your discussion, but all must be properly referenced and contemporary. It is critically important that if you use information from the case or theory from academic texts, you must reference it appropriately. Any direct quotations from the text should be used sparingly – these must be placed in quotation marks and referenced in the same way. References should be in APA6 format. Notes on referencing are available on Moodle.

To complete this assignment, review the attached Project Management Assignment document.

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