Human Resource Management

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Question 1

An attitude is defined as: “a mental and neural state of readiness, organised through experience, exerting a directive or dynamic influence upon the individual’s response to all objects and situations with which it is related”. Allport (1954)

Discuss with examples, how attitudes in society may change over time, and perhaps in response to attitude change campaigns.

Total [50] marks

Question 2

According to Schein (1980) A group is defined in psychological terms as any number of people who:

  • Interact with each other
  • Are psychologically aware of each other
  • Perceive themselves to be a group
  • Purposefully interact towards the achievement of particular goals or aims.

“However, not all groups that are formed may become effective”.

Discuss this statement using examples from group theory.

Total [50] marks

Question 3

Explain how the operation of power within an organisation might vary depending upon the organisation’s cultural type.

Total [50] marks

Question 4

“The world is becoming borderless and multinational organisations are stateless”.

In terms of their management of human resources, in what ways might a
multinational organisation need to take into account the effects of the wider social cultures in the countries in which it operates?

Total [50] marks

Question 5

According to Senior: (2006) Hard Systems Model for Change HSMC “provides a rigorous and systematic way of determining objectives or goals for change, this is followed by the generation of a range of options for action….”

Critically evaluate this statement by determining the limitations of HSMC approach to managing and sustaining organisational change.

Total [50] marks

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