IT 235 Milestone One Guidelines and Rubric


Database design is an integral step in the overall development of a database solution; a bad design can lead to many issues and problems with queries and potential expansion for any database. Getting the database design right is the first and most important step in creating a successful database. For this assignment, you will solve a database design situation as outlined in the scenario document. As you read through the narrative, be sure to pay close attention to the business requirements that the business owners note.


Imagine that you are a consultant database designer and you have taken on a project that will require you to establish a database for a small pizzeria. If you have not already read the final project scenario document, do so now and determine the overall purpose of the database and the user requirements.
Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:

1. Requirement Gathering

Read the provided scenario in order to determine the overall purpose of the database and the user requirements, specifically the following:
A. Define the purpose, goals, and objectives of the database as determined by the scenario.
B. Assess the user requirements associated with the database according to its owners and stakeholders.
C. Explain the business processes and restrictions that the database addresses in support of the user requirements.
D. Explain what the end result of the database should be as determined by the scenario.
Review IT 235 Milestone One Guideline and Rubric and  IT 235 Final Project Scenario  documents for additional instructions:

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