Term Papers


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A term paper is an essay or report which a student writes on a subject that he or she has studied during a term at a school, college, or university. Term papers are generally purposed at describing an event, a concept, or arguing a certain point. It is often a written final task that discusses a certain topic in detail, typically several pages in length and is usually due at the end of the semester.

Steps to Follow When Writing a Term Paper

  1. Select a creative and insightful topic
  2. Conduct extensive research
  3. Refine your thesis statement to effectively suit you research topic
  4. Develop a suitable outline of your paper
  5. Make you point to be very clear and precise in the introduction
  6. Use your body paragraphs to convince your readers
  7. Conclude your research with strong arguments
  8. Remember to acknowledge the authors of the research materials used
  9. Include a bibliography at the end of your paper

What Should Be the Length of a Term Paper?

A term paper should be roughly ten (10) pages long, amounting to about 3000 words in total. As a rule of thumb, every page of the term paper should have around 2-3 references; therefore, the whole term paper should have between 20 and 30 references and so on. Many papers may contain more than this number of sources; however, if your term paper has less than 20 references, then you most definitely stinted in the endless hours in the library department.