Managing Variations in Construction Projects

Assignment Instructions

Hence determine how you believe a project manager’s role can be redefined, either by responsibilities or by the terms of engagement so as to reduce the impact of variations on construction projects and increase the capability of the construction industry to be ‘agile’.

How to Handle this Paper

  1. Start by giving a brief introduction of variations in construction project and the duties of a project manager in planning to accommodate such variations.
  2. Conduct a comprehensive analysis of some of managerial causes of variations on construction projects, for example, poor estimation and poor communication.
  3. Analyze how project managers, in exercising these managerial roles, can redefine the roles to lower the impact of variations on the construction projects and increase the ability of the construction industry to be agile.
  4. Provide a brief conclusion summarizing and providing useful insights into your analysis.

Sample Paper Preview

Managing Variations in Construction Projects

Every construction project is often subject to various fluctuations in timetables, unit prices as well as last-minute variations from clients. Therefore, it is the duty of the project manager to plan ahead so as to ensure that these particular variations are effectively accommodated without posing adverse effects on the project in terms of time or money involved. To manage these variations, it may be necessary to redefine the roles of the project manager in a number of ways. This section will; therefore, examine some of the ways that may be adopted to reduce the effects of variations on construction projects.

First, poor estimation is always the major cause of variation orders in construction projects. For instance, most consultants often do not conduct enough investigations during the preliminary investigation and design phases. As such, a number of site conditions occur during the construction phase. Moreover, clients often lack proficient professional staff to conduct effective investigations and estimates, which are often prepared by consultants, which, in many instances, turn out being inaccurate. This often results in a number of unnecessary fluctuations during the construction phase. To address this challenge, it would be necessary to redefine the roles of the project manager so that project managers are also actively involved in the estimation so as to lower the probabilities of poor estimation. Project managers are often more conversant with the requirements of construction projects; therefore, their active participation in the estimation process would significantly improve the process, which would subsequently lower the chances of variations during the construction stage.

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