Risk Management Summative Assessment

Assignment Details

For the summative assignment you will you will write a 3500 word (+/- 10%) portfolio, which will be based on a risk assessment, formulation and management plan of   and aligns closely to what you will cover in the first five sessions of the module. You will be supplied with a case file which will be based on a real person. Using this and the skills that you have learned in class, through your formative assignment, and your own independent study, you will be able to complete your portfolio.

The portfolio should contain three sections:

1)       A critical discussion comparing and contrasting two approaches to risk assessment and management relevant to your field of practice, and the identification and justification of what you believe to be best practice for this in your field. 

(*approx. 800 words)

2)       A brief risk assessment, formulation and management plan, using the assessment approach identified in section 1, suggesting suitable intervention(s) as part of the management plan. Recommendations should be fully justified within this section based on theory/best practice literature.

(*approx. 1700 words).

3)       A risk communication summarising your risk assessment and management plan. This should be written as though you were communicating the case to a key stakeholder, such as a colleague or the person being assessed. It will be important to consider the appropriateness of your tone and writing style when composing this section. 

(*approx. 500 words).

4)       A reflection on your experiences on carrying out a risk assessment and management plan inter-professionally, including the challenges and strengths that you experienced, and a personal reflection on your experience of ‘biases’ while assessing risk for this case.

(*approx. 500 words)

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