Comparing Los Angeles and San Diego

Assignment Description

For this paper, you will submit a 2100 words paper describing and contrasting two regions LOS ANGELES and SAN DIEGO using the five themes of geography. Refer to the PowerPoint for a description of the five themes, and do additional research on your own if you need clarification. Include themes such as (for example, population pyramids, rate of natural increase, GDP, etc.). in your explanations.

Your paper should include the following:

  • A map or maps showing your regions. Think about which scale will be most appropriate for your reader. Make sure to cite them! (5 pts) (Attach these to the assignment when you submit)
  • An engaging introduction, including why one might think the regions are similar and a “teaser” to keep your reader interested. (5 pts)
  • A description of each region in terms of the five themes of geography, and an analysis of how the regions differ with respect to each of the five themes. You can combine these sections if you would like. Incorporate at least two themes from the textbook. (55 pts)
  • A references section formatted MLA style but formatted consistently. Do not submit a list of URLs! (5 pts)
  • You will be graded on grammar, spelling, and sentence structure. (5 pts)
  • You are not required to include images, but if you do, include them in an Appendix at the end of the paper. Images do not count towards your page total and will be considered extra credit.


Introduction: General statement + CLEAR, STRONG THESIS.

Paragraphs: Topic sentence + explain your topic sentence. + QUOTE from the book to back it up + explain the quote.

Conclusion: another way to state the thesis and sound conclusive.

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