English 220

Of Gods and Women: A Comparison of Two Mythic Traditions

In a well-organized persuasive essay, argue your position on both topics given below.  Make sure that you cite specific examples from our texts to support your observations and conclusions.

  1. The Biblical God in “Genesis” and Jupiter in the creation myth of Ovid’s Metamorphosis are the most powerful gods in their respective creation myths.  Compare God with Jupiter.  Some questions to consider: What qualities/characteristics/attributes do they have?  Whom do they honor and who honors them? How do they interact with others? How do they treat men and women? What image of God is most appealing to you and why? (Write 2 pages minimum)
  2. Examine the role of women in the creation of myths we have read.  Compare the creation of Eve with Hesiod’s Pandora (refer to the handout I gave you).  Is each created for the same reason?  Do they each have the same effect?  (Write 2 pages minimum)

Note: Restrict yourself to the handouts from “Genesis,” Ovid, and Pandora (from Hesiod) that I distributed.  No other outside text or research is permitted for this paper.  Be sure to proofread your draft for grammar, punctuation, and spelling.  Use the MLA format throughout, including when you create “in-text citations.” Your essay should also have a Works Cited page (fifth page).  In an upcoming class, I will help you in constructing the citations for this page.  Your title should be: Of God and Woman: A Comparison of Two Mythic Traditions.

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