Emergency Management Plan

Assignment Prompt

This week in Unit 6 we will look at Legal Issues, Employee Relations, and Labor Relations in Healthcare Organizations. Your assigned work is:

Read: Chapters 4, 10, 11, and 14

Discussion Board: Your initial post is due by Saturday at midnight. Your two responses to classmates’ posts (or my entries) are due by Tuesday at midnight

Assignment Pointers: 1) This is a PowerPoint assignment. Be sure to follow the “PowerPointers” that I review in seminar (and include in my PPT below). 2) This is about legal and regulatory issues. Recognize that we have already covered some of this material in previous chapters. 3) Follow the instructions. 4) Adhere to the rubric (below). 5) Make a voice recording. 6) Use speaker’s notes, as needed. 7) Use outside references.

Assignment Rubric:

Create a PowerPoint presentation which:

  • Describe and discuss the definition of law and its implications for human resources. (1-2 slides)  /30
  • Explain the purposes and major requirements of the Fair Labor Standards Act (3-4 slides) and the National Labor Relations Act (2-3 slides), including their historical context of a relatively unregulated legal environment before 1964.  /30
  • Demonstrate the importance of an emergency management plan specific to emergency and disaster management. (2-3 slides)  /30
  • Include a voice recording of your presentation using the Record Narration tool. Add detailed speaker’s notes that describe your slides, as needed. The PowerPoint presentation needs to be visually appealing and to catch your audience’s attention, as your goal is to actively engage future human resource managers.  /40
  • Include references (1 slide) and citations from at least three academic sources.  /20

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