Managing International Hospitality Organisations TSM11122

Assessment One (Report)


You are required to choose one of the following three possible titles:

  • Critically analyse the complexities of the ‘augmented hospitality offer’ within the context of a hospitality sector of your choice and illustrate your discussion with appropriate examples.
  • Discuss how businesses in the branded budget hotel sector have followed a strategy of cost leadership. Make further suggestions on how these businesses could cut costs and generate sources of revenue. Illustrate your discussion with appropriate industry examples.
  • Critically evaluate the significance of the political/legal business environment in the successful development of a hospitality business. Base your discussion upon a sector of the industry of your choice, as operating in a specific country, and illustrate it with appropriate examples.


  • Your work should be structured in report format.
  • It should comprise 3000 words and be word processed.


You can access comprehensive Guidance Notes on Report Writing via the NULIS website, or Moodle.
All pages should be numbered, including Appendices. Care should be taken to ensure each Appendix
is properly cross-referenced within the main body of the Report. Any Figures or Tables should be cited
within the main body (not within Appendices), be numbered, and indicate their respective source. A
margin of no less than 2.5cm should be left on the right hand side of pages to allow room for markers’
comments. Remember all academic writing is in the third person, singular, present tense.


Reports should be structured as follows:
➢ Cover Page
➢ Table of Contents
➢ Executive Summary or Abstract
➢ Introduction
➢ Main Analysis (structure using headings and sub-headings)
➢ Conclusions
➢ List of References
➢ Appendices
➢ Any appropriate supporting Information


Students are expected to undertake appropriate research in the preparation of their Report. In any
event, it is always necessary to justify the reliability of the information upon which any piece of
academic writing is based. As such, students should briefly explain how their study has been
approached, and outline the research undertaken in its preparation.


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