Summer Olympic Bid ISP

Congratulations! You have been chosen to create an official Summer Olympic Bid for one of the following cities:

ANY CITY OF YOUR CHOICE – Must be approved by Mr. A

Your Olympic Bid must contain the following:

  1. Location: /10 marks (Knowledge)
  • Map of the city
  • Description of the city’s location (province/state, longitude, latitude, distance from province’s/state’s capital city)
  • Major transportation routes to a from the city (highways, roadways, airports)
  1. Climate: /10 Marks (Knowledge)
  • Climate Graph (must be hand drawn)
  • A written description of the city’s climate, and expected climate during the Summer Olympic Games (July/August)
  1. Infrastructure: /10 Marks (Thinking)
  • Map of notable infrastructure (arenas, pavilions, major roadways, hotels, etc)
  • Map of potential new infrastructure (where can we build a new bigger arena? Where can we build new hotels?)
  1. Economy: /10 Marks (Thinking)
  • What is the population of the city?
  • Population pyramid of the city (must be hand drawn)
  • The wealth of the city (average household income)
  1. Consolidation: /20 Marks (Application)
  • Considering the location, climate, infrastructure, and economy of the city, why should the Olympic Games be held there? (Should be in paragraph format
  1. Presentation: /20 Marks (Communication)
  • You can present your bid in several formats:
  1. Brochure 2. Bristol Board                      3. Prezi Presentation
  2. PowerPoint Presentation 5. Bit Strips                 6. Website
  3. Instagram Account (requires a student to create a plan about the account)
  4. Twitter Account (requires a student to create a plan about the account)
  5. Any other way in which you would like to present the information (MUST BE PREAPPROVED BY TEACHER)

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