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Compare and contrast the effectiveness of sage and sap software and address issues around the use of the software.

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Sage 50 and Sap Business One ERP Accounting Software

Sage and Sap software are amongst the available ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) packages that are available in the market currently. There are various versions of both Sage and Sap software that include the Sap Business One, Sap ERP, Sage 50, and Sage ERP X3. This paper will compare and contrast the effectiveness of Sage 50 and Sap Business One, as well as highlight the issues around their application.

Sap Business One is a product from the Ochiba Business Solutions and it is designed specifically for medium and small-sized businesses (Anon, 2017). These businesses will be able to integrate all their business functions effectively, which include streamlining business operations and automating all the business main processes. Sage 50 software was first introduced to the market by Online50 and it targets the small-sized businesses. It is deemed basic, simple, easy to apply and very reliable, and therefore has been a preference for many small businesses in the UK and Ireland. Sage 50 will offer basically accounting packages to small business (Businesses with approximately 1-50 employees) while Sap Business One ERP software is applied by business that has outgrown Sage 50 (employing approximately up to 1000 employees) since it offers more than just accounting packages. It is important in managing all business aspects. In terms of their inventory management, Sage 50 can only handle a single stock code, with the stock code providing a definition for the other sets of stock codes. This package does not offer traceability of stocks, provision of stoke codes for customers and stock locations. Sap Business One software, on the other hand, provides inventory management in all the categories not present in Sage 50. Additionally, the software enables for the flexibility in the pricing structure (Anon, 2017). These inventory management capabilities; thus, make Sap Business One provide in-depth inventory management information when compared to Sage 50.

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