IT 385 Project


IT professionals perform various functions within an organization and must demonstrate strong interpersonal and communication skills in addition to their technical abilities. These communications can involve the creation of technical instructions to end-users and should be displayed in a clear, concise, and consumable fashion. The final project for this course is the creation of a training manual. In this assignment, you will demonstrate your mastery of the following course outcomes:

  • Create technical and specialized artifacts for explaining products, services, and legal and organizational policies that meet end-user needs
  • Utilize visual representations to communicate technical and specialized information for a variety of audiences
  • Select appropriate oral, print, and multimedia tools for communicating technical and specialized information
  • Craft technical and specialized artifacts for training and development purposes


For your training manual, consider the following situation. You are an employee of the XYZ Company and work in the corporate training division of the company. XYZ Company is planning a move from using Outlook for a corporate email system to Gmail. As a part of the Gmail rollout, you are being tasked with the development of a training manual for employees of XYZ that will ensure a smooth transition to the new email system. As part of the training document, you will address the issue of different technical abilities of the various audiences within the corporation. The manual should provide the end-user with clear and concise instructions that can be used effectively by any member of an organization.

To complete this assignment, review the following document:

Sample Paper

1.0 The Executive Brief

1.1 Key features of the product on which your users will be trained

Filters: – Gmail filters enable users to organize their mails in various ways, for instance, sending less important emails directly to the trash.

Keyboard shortcuts: – Gmail keyboard shortcuts enable users to go through their emails quickly, facilitating an efficient exchange of information via Gmail.

Priority Inbox: – Gmail priority inbox enables the users to sort their emails from the most important to the less important ones.

Using multiple accounts by granting access to users: –This feature enables a business to have a business-related Gmail account that allows the administrators of the Gmail account to grant access to other users. This would enable the users to access the Gmail account without necessarily logging out of their own Gmail accounts. Video Chat: – This feature enables the exchange of information via video chatting. Advanced search and search operators: This feature enables the users to look up for messages that were sent to them long ago. SMS from Gmail: – This feature enables users to expand their Gmail chat to SMS so that they can be able to continue with their conversations even what they are not logged into their Gmail accounts.

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