Advanced Practice Nursing


Apply what you have learned about the synthesis of nursing theories in the development of advanced practice nursing; your ability to evaluate nursing theory and theoretical frameworks for advanced practice nursing; to select an appropriate theory that reflects your personal theory based philosophy of advanced practice nursing.


Develop a personal theoretical framework for advanced practice nursing:
1). Introduce a nursing theory that appeals to you and is appropriate for your area of advanced practice nursing. Build a thesis statement for your Personal Theoretical Framework for nursing. (100 words)
2). Define the theory you have chosen in A by identifying the fundamental constructs of the theory. Define how these constructs compared to the Theory of Human Caring. (150 words)
3). Answer the question: How could I apply the understanding of this theory to my personal practice as an advanced practice nurse? (100 words)

Sample Paper Preview

The Concept of Advanced practice nursing

Advanced practice nursing encompasses the ability to adhere to the canyons of nursing as a profession as well as the desire to achieve individual goals of making an impact as a nurse. In my case, I have developed personal objectives to care for patients and non-patients in order to achieve individual satisfaction. In addition to the individual goals, I continuously learn and advance my nursing career with the hope that I will grow professionally and psychologically in line with the job requirements. Consequently, I have developed my attitude positively and I experience job satisfaction by fulfilling my professional requirements and influencing other nurses and patients through leadership.

Nursing theories play a critical role in the development of advanced practice nursing. Over the period of my practice, I have learned that the nursing profession requires commitment, intuition, and the need to assist others regardless of their health condition or social class. Mostly, the misconception of the roles, privileges, and rewards of nursing has made it difficult for most nurses to appreciate the profession immediately they enter into practice (Khamisa, Peltzer, & Oldenburg, 2013). Evidently, successful nurses understand the obligation of the profession and the commitment required to impart the patients and other people positively while attaining absolute career satisfaction. The need theory appeals to my perception of the true meaning of nursing as a profession. According to Henderson (2006), the theory illuminates on nursing as a process of positive impact, where the patient is equipped with the independence to take care of themselves after they have been discharged from hospital. The fundamental constructs of the need theory entail the emphasis on the duty of care as engraved in the nursing profession. Characteristically, these constructs contrast to those of the theory of human caring, which emphasizes on the restoration of the patient’s health as well as the prevention of illnesses (Watson, 1997). Nonetheless, the two theories emphasize the need for an unconditional duty of care to the patients. I can apply my understanding of this theory in providing my services selflessly to patients as well as the people in need of medical, psychological, and humanistic need.

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