Database Design

Assignment Description

A small surgery center needs your help to create a database. The office manager has identified the following types of data (entities): Patients, Doctors, Procedures and Appointments. Please identify the attributes and primary keys needed for each of the entities. Identify the Data Types you would use for each of the Attributes. Determine the relationships between the entities and find the one-to-many and many-to-many relationships. Use the ER Matrix to determine the relationships

Create an ER diagram using Visio based on your analysis. Identify all foreign keys needed in the database design. Create the database in Access and populate the tables. To use the database as the main office application, what other entities and attributes might be needed? Upload completed Access database and Visio diagram, plus a Word file reporting the results of the team’s analysis and the additional entities needed to use the database as the main office application.

Step Task

Points 1 Attributes 1a Primary key identified for each entity (4 Tables) 5 1b Attributes identified for each entity (4 Tables) 5 2 Data Types 2a Identified data types 5 3 Relationships 3a Identify one to many relationships 10 3b Identify many to many relationships 10 4 Foreign Keys 4a Add foreign keys to tables as needed 10 5 ER Diagrams 5a Create an ER diagram using Visio 10 6 Create and Populate the Database 6a Create the tables in Access 10 6b Draw the relationships in Access 10 6c Add 5 records to the procedure table 5 6d Add 5 records to the Doctors table 5 6e Add 5 records to the Patients table 5 6f Add 5 to appointments 5 7 Addition Entities 7a Discuss and list the other Identifies needed 5 Total Points 100

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